Hi, I’m sage. Burner of cookies and lover of all things sweet!

Cardamon & Coffee is my way of keeping a small document about all my sweet and savory creations. I try to cook with mostly local ingredients and only the best quality. Most of my recipes will be vegetarian… but I will try to throw in something meaty every so often!

Ever since I was little I have LOVED baking. Things like cookies, cakes, brownies, and pies, did I mention cookies? Of course like any other cook I burn things and recipes fail, but hey, I’m still learning!

For those of you that care, when I’m not making huge messes in my kitchen or binging on freshly baked ginger biscuits, I’m having Downton abbey marathons and visiting my family (mostly so they can be the testers for all my whacky creations).

I am by no means the best baker in the world and I’m not going to say anything to imply that I am; However, I hope that you will join me in my kitchen mishaps. Who knows, maybe something yummy might come out of it!

Sage xxx